How To watch Swiss TV (Swisscom,SRF,Zattoo,Willmaa) outside Switzerland


Watch the latest Swiss shows via from anywhere in the world.Using the Swiss Proxy Server, you now have full access to content from Sat. 1 Schweiz, 3+, RTL Schweiz, SF 1, SF zwei, TSR 1,TSR 2, La 1, and HD suisse from outside of Switzerland - just as if you were located back IN Switzerland! Sign up now for the premier VPN provider, all for just $5 per month.

If you outside Swiss  will show " aus rechtlichen gründen steht dieses video nur innerhalb der schweiz zur verfügung umgehen "

Our Switzerland VPN servers have already been tested to confirm technical compatibility with a range of Swiss Television Website Streaming Services.

If you are currently living in Switzerland, then you might be familiar with a very useful service called Wilmaa. It is also known as the biggest video recorder in the whole wide world because it has the ability to record your favorite TV channels 24 hours a day for a whole month. That’s not it, in addition to your favorite TV channels; Wilmaa is also capable of recording all the available TV channels throughout the whole month. All you need is to get a Premium EPG account and you will be able to browse through the entire recording of over 34000 hours of TV material any time you want to.

Great Features of Wilmaa!

There is no doubt that Wilmaa is one of the greatest services available in the whole wide world that allow TV channel recording. If you get services from Wilmaa you will be able to get a free access to around 50 major TV channels available in Switzerland. It all works on very basic concept, once you have installed Wilmaa and started recording, you will be able to watch a particular program on the TV at any time in the next 31 days. While watching a particular channel you will see a very small bar that will display the number of people that are watching the same channel at that moment. You will also be able to like that particular channel by pressing a small thumbs up icon located next to the channel button, it will also display the number of other users that also like that program.


Wilmaa Is Not Accessable Outside The Switzerland:

It is a really amazing service but you have to keep in mind that Wilmaa is not accessible outside the country. It means that if you are currently away from Switzerland, you will not be able to access the Wilmaa website. So, if you are an outsider who likes to watch the Swiss TV or you are a Swiss national and visiting another country, you will be facing a very hard time keeping up with your favorite TV shows, because Wilmaa will not be accessible there.

Use VPN To Access Wilmaa Anywhere in the World!

You don’t have to worry about that because we have got you covered. All you need is a VPN or Virtual Private Network connection that will allow you to access Wilmaa services from anywhere around the world. Basically, a VPN connection will provide you with a new IP address, which in this case will be located in Switzerland, and that is how you will be able to trick the Wilmaa servers into giving you access to the entire website. So, you will pose as a Swiss national with the help of a VPN connection and that’s how you can get an easy access to the services of Wilmaa.

you can accomplish this past affixing your signature to into a pc equipment in the interior switzerland. your hosting server may possibly in a proxy most likely VPN.

proxy servers are almost always over the internet or else get into. the brains behind would will have a europe internet protocol information is a wide open proxy. store proxies are very easy because it’s not essential to install all software programming, but they also hardly ever allow you to choose your trusty ip area.

this can be the best way of watching tv switzerland television set on holiday, or maybe a looking for area word wide web sites who’ve not allowed permission to access internet protocol addresses. swiss companies are actually rather common with VPN, though not all VPN specialists promote points inside of switzerland. always make sure the VPN package deal you’ll subscribe to features can download switzerland VPN companies!


Public service

SF1 (SRG - SSR Idée Suisse) (also by satellite)

TSI1 (SRG - SSR Idée Suisse)

TSR1 (SRG - SSR Idée Suisse)

Television channel packagers

Digital terrestrial television operator

SSR-SRG Idée Suisse (licenced - operational in 2009)


Provider of cards for satellite digital recption of SSR SRG services


Main cable operators




GGA Reinach



Operator of digital terrestrial television networks


SSR-SRG Idée Suisse

Operator of IPTV service

Bluewin TV


Operators of TV services for mobile phone


Sunrise - LiveTV

Swisscom Mobile


Operator of TV service for portable mobile


Swisscom Broadcast

Channels with wide national coverage through cable or satellite distribution

(regional or local channels with satellite distribution are not included)


Channels made available by public companies


SF Info

SF Zwei (SRG - SSR Idée Suisse) 

TSI2 (SRG - SSR Idée Suisse) 

TSR2 (SRG - SSR Idée Suisse) 

Channels made available by private companies

Love Night TV

Sensuality TV

Venus Club TV

World Fashion

Foreign channels targeting the market of Switzerland


In French :

Boomerang (Version in French) (GB)

Cartoon Network (Version in French)

Discovery Channel (Version in French) (GB)

Discovery Real Time (Version in Fench)(GB) 

ESPN Classic Sports (Version in French)

Extreme Sports Channel (Version in French)

Fashion TV (AT) 

M6 Suisse

National Geographic (Version in French)

Playboy TV (Version in French)


TCM (Version in French)

Télé Melody

Télé Monte Carlo


In German :

AXN (Version in German) (GB)

Best Direct (Version in German)

Eurosport (FR) (Version in German)

Eurosport 2 (FR) (Version in German)

Euronews (FR) (Version in German)

Extreme Sports Channel (GB) (Version in German) 


National Geographic Deutschland (IT)

Nickelodeon Deutschland (GB)

Reality TV (GB) (Version in German)

RTL Schweiz

RTL II Schweiz

TV Shop (GB)


In Italian :

Boomerang (Version in Italian) (GB)

Cartoon Network (Version in Italian) (GB)

Cartoon Network + 1 (Version in Italian) (GB)

Discovery Channel (Version in Italian) (GB)

Discovery Civilisations (Version in Italian) (GB)

Discovery Real Time (Version in Italian) (GB)

Discovery Science (Version in Italian) (GB)

Discovery Travel and Living (Version in Italian) (GB) 

ESPN Classic Europe (Version in Italian) (GB)

Euronews (Version in Italian) (FR) 

Eurosport (Version in Italian) (FR)

Eurosport News (Version in Italian) (FR)


Hallmark Channel (Version in Italian) (GB)

TBNE Italia (GB)


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