How to use a VPN to unblock poker sites

Poker VPN

Many poker rooms limit players based on their location, which is determined by their IP address. A great example is the US, though there are other countries that have banned online gaming. For people who enjoy it as a relaxing hobby it may not really matter as there are free online rooms that are not banned. But for players who make a living playing poker online this can be a huge hurdle to cross. With Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) becoming more and more popular, players are asking themselves- Is this the answer?

How can a VPN help?

The reason why many players turn to VPNs for their online activity is it limits or completely stops their activity from being traceable. What happens is that other websites (including poker rooms) will see your computer as coming from another location. You can be in the US and have a UK VPN, or live in China and have a US VPN, for example. This allows you to access websites that may be blocked to your location. However, they are not foolproof.

For example, you can sit on a computer in Japan and connect to a VPN were your home computer in Sweden are connected to, and it would work almost as the same as if you were sitting next to your home computer on a local network. 

An increasingly common problem for those who play poker is that the use of VPN software isn’t so appreciated among the online payment services such as NETELLER, nor among some poker rooms. The reason for this is that it makes it more difficult prevent cheating and fraud. 

When connecting to a VPN, it works so that all in the network has a unique IP address, but outgoing traffic is done by a special server or router that has created the virtual network. What it means is that everyone playing anonymously through the network has the same IP address when outsiders are viewing from where the traffic is coming from. Since it is illegal to have multiple accounts running from the same IP address so it could result in the accounts will be shut down. 

Today every adult person and even children know what is casino and gambling. Many people think this is evil because gambling can be an addition. Players spend fortune in on-line casinos. Personally I do not play in casinos but if I had several millions of dollars I can spend I would definitely tried.

Poker is one of the most popular games and a great number of poker rooms invite poker players to the tournaments. You know that many USA citizens play in casinos but last Friday (April 18, 2011) things changed – the government of the United States launched a crackdown on well-known and very popular on-live casinos where us people used to play. And now all those poker players can not play in casinos likepokerstars, full tilt poker, absolute poker so they are looking for the answer to a question

How to play on-line casinos from America?

To play poker safe and easy you need to be anonymous and you can reach this with poker vpn.

VPN is a virtual private network. It lets to create secured tunnel between your PC, iPhone or iPad and vpn server that can be located in any country of the world. The point is that all the traffic sent through this tunnel is encrypted and nobody can monitor what you are doing on-line.

Your Internet service provider, your boss and any other person who would like to check your Internet activity can only see that you are connected to some IP address. When you are under the vpn you have another IP address (the address of your vpn server). It can be European, Canadian and any other else. This means that you can play poker in on-line casino from the USA.

Poker VPN account is your protection and privacy on-line. When you get your vpn account data you can create vpn connection (using set up guide). After that you can use any application and any website safe and anonymously because your real IP is hidden and not blocked.

VPN for poker is available for your now. Get you vpn account today and enjoy your on-line freedom

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