Does it work with Windows 7?
Yes it does.

What is VPN?

VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. It is a network build on top of other networks, adding an useful functionality. In the case of VPNtraffic, functionality is multiple - allowing to bypass website blocks, gain USA IP address, achieve anonimity by protecting your real IP and many more.

What is the complete list of websites that I will be able to access?
You will be able to access any website you like. We have no such list, because we will just have to add all websites on this planet.

How can I watch US tv from abroad?
Watching US television while living in Europe, Middle East or elsewhere is now possible with a Vpntraffic account. So if you want to access USA tv all you have to do is buy a vpn account .

Is online payment on this website secure?
The payment for our services is as secure as it can get. When you click on "buy" we will transfer you to partner websites, to fill the payment details. We use one of the biggest online payment systems in the world - PayPal. This way the risk of fraud is virtually zero. If you're not convinced, just do a search on google after our business partners name.

Can I get a test/ trial account first?
Yes, you can buy a 3 days test account for $1.99, Please contact us to receive a test account.

What is your refunds policy?
Please take a moment and read our terms and conditions.

Do you support L2TP?
Some server support L2tp



How many users can I connect up with on my account?
You are only allowed 1 (one) physical connection per account. However, you can share that one connection with as many devices as you want as long as they connect through one device to our service. This can be achieved through "connection sharing" for example.

How do I configure the VPN account with my Windows Mobile Phonephone?
You have to download the Windows Mobile client. This is the only opeVpntraffic client for Windows Mobile phones.

Can I access poker websites with this service?
Yes, you can access poker websites or any other restricted gambling if you buy a VPN account from Vpntraffic.


Do you allow P2P applications like bittorrent?
We don't block any protocols, so you are able to use any type of application you like. Including usenet, bittorrent, games, work applications, etc. And because everything is encrypted, your ISP will not be able to throttle your traffic based on which application you use.

Am I going to be in trouble for using this service?
As long as you are using the connection for good purposes, definitely not. If you want to try malicious actions - hacking into banks or trying to hurt other people - then we cannot guarantee it. In fact, if you plan to use our service for evil purposes we suggest that you stay away from this business and close this page right now. We will close your account if we get complaints about it.

I wonder how to access blocked web sites in Qatar?
Once you get a vpn account from us restricted websites in Qatar will be unblocked. Please read below or visit our homepage to learn more.

How complicated it is to set up the VPN? Can I see an example?
Once you get a vpn account from us restricted websites in Qatar will be unblocked. Please read below or visit our homepage to learn more.

What are the ways to bypass UAE Internet restrictions?
Are you in Dubai, UAE? You probably pay Etisalat and are still being censored access to websites. No matter who is your ISP, Gulf Net, Globalnet or other, we can help you unblock all websites! Visit our Buy VPN Access page to learn more.

I want to use Vonage. Will I be able to use it with this service?
In a word, no. When you will have access to our virtual private network, you will be able to use Internet in any way you like. However Vonage phones are connected directly to a router, while VPN accounts are set up for personal computers. That makes it impossible for us to have any control over your connection to Vonage. But you can buy a second router and configure it to use PPTP and connect to the VPN server, then attach the Vonage phone to the new router. You can also share a lan in this way. Please keep in mind that this setup will not be supported by the Vpntraffic staff.

Can I unblock adult - sex - websites with a vpn account?
You can access websites with adult content if you buy a VPN service from Vpntraffic.

I already have Internet access. Why pay to have the same thing?
Please read below, to find out what are the benefits of using our VPN service.

What are the benefits of using this service?
You can bypass proxy servers, filters set by your network administrator, Internet Service Provider. You can access blocked websites no matter what the site is or where you live! You can protect your real Internet Address, in order to avoid threats from other people or other types of monitoring of your Internet traffic. When you are traveling to countries where certain websites are restricted, you can easily access them using our VPN service. When you are accessing the Internet from a wireless hotspot, you are protected from threats, using the security layer and encryption in our VPN.

How can I bypass Kuwait Internet restrictions?
Do you pay a Internet Service Provider from Kuwait for Internet and you are not able to connect to certain blocked websites? Regardless of your ISP, be it Gulf Net, Globalnet or other, we can help you unblock all websites! Please read below or visit our homepage to learn more.

How can I make this work through my Firewall / Router?


vpntraffic's VPN service uses PPTP (Point to Point Tunelling Protocol) which utilises ports 1723 (TCP) and 47 (GRE).The following website has good examples on configuring for a lot of firewalls/routers out there: We suggest you have a look through the website and if you still have issues connecting, lodge a support ticket and we will try to help you out.


Why I can connect, but cannot browse.

First make sure you're not connected to the VPN. Then,
For Windows XP, 2000, etc:
- Go to control panel - administrative tools - network connections.
- Right click your local area connection, and select "Properties"
- On the resulting dialog, select the TCP/IP protocol to highlight it, then click the "Properties" button.
- Once the dialog opens up, in the bottom section, select the radio button "use the following DNS server addresses" - in there, put the following:
Save and exit the networking dialogs, and then try to connect again.

For Windows Vista:

- Go to Control Panel - Network and Sharing Center - click the "View Status" link for your Local Area Connection
- Click the "Properties" button
- Select the Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and then hit the "Properties" button
- Proceed as above for setting custom DNS name servers


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