The Great Firewall of China


There is a growing internet censorship effort that has grown into a country wide mission inside China.  It has been dubbed the "Great Firewall of China" because of the wide range of content that has become unavailable to the mainstream netizens of China.  China believes that any infiltration to their physical structure can cause a damaging wave of instability and doubt.  For years, China has kept an eye on the increasing amount of misinformation and possible breaches of security that are broadcasted over the Internet through a subtle but continual influx of differentiating body structures. 

The social freedom of the Internet is difficult for a country like China to truly understand.  Considering the immensity of the governments involvement in the daily life of their citizens, it's easy to understand their apprehension of an unmoderated medium such as the Internet.  It's also easy to understand why, considering the entire world seems to be clammering for worldwide dominance.  

Plain and simple, the Internet represents a dangerous premise for anyone unsure of themselves or going through problems.  China quickly came to this realization and labeled the majority of the content to be pointless and damaging to the values and honorable nature of Chinese social hierarchy.  The youth in China, however, have stepped up to the reality of the Internet and taken a respectable stand for themselves.  Placing an emphasis on the physical and financial improvement of their lives, the majority of China's young people are neither concerned or active within the familiar circles of Internet life.

With China keeping a close watch on what type of information they let into their country through the Internet, the country remains in a state of watchful awareness.  For good reason, too.  The Internet can be a dangerous weapon or valuable asset, and because of it's legendary status within freedom of expression, the power to form groups and clubs could prove to be detrimental.  With a legally accepted place to hide, many people seem to shirk their responsibilities in the real world, adding further turmoil to an already chaotic country. 

If there is one thing that China has done right, recognizing the danger of an unmoderated medium is it.  That kind of power in the wrong hands leaves many avenues of distraction and an unprecedented level of suspicious secretivity.  A communist government such as China is strong enough to take away the possibility of organized riots or political revolt, and they do so with an iron fist of authoritative action.

So, in conclusion, China sees something happening throughout the Internet that they see as dangerous.  Looking at the big picture, the Internet is wonderful for information and staying up to date on issues with people that your not genetically compatible with.  It's when the lines get crossed, that manipulative people are able to find a foothold.  Desperately trying to fix a problem that is centered around physicality is not going to work itself out through manipulative mind games. 

Case in point, China sees their harmonious way of life able to be disrupted by the dissension of secretivity and the lack of physical determination to live a healthy lifestyle.  This fact alone can lead to a catastrophic downfall of human values.  China has made their stand and is not going to allow physical lines to become crossed.  Not with manipulative cults, and not with uneducated people in the realm of physical well being.  Bravo China.

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