How to setup vpn on webOS Devices Palm Pre HP Veer

If you want to use your HP webOS device to access files on your company's servers, you may need to set up a VPN (virtual private network). You can do this using the VPN application on a device running webOS version 2.0 or higher. The VPN app enables you to log in to your corporate server through the company?s firewall (security layer). You need to set up a VPN to access a corporate server in any of the following situations.

For webos 1.x , You need install prevpnc,  Check detials and install here

- User PreVPNc for the connection
- Session name: vpntraffic
- VPN TYPE: Cisco
- Servername:
- User id: your vpntraffic account
- Pass.type: Text
- User Password: your vpntraffic Password
- IPSEC-ID: ipsec
- Group Password: ipsec
- Secret TYPE: Text
- Group Secret: ipsec


For webos 2.x , You need Choose VPNC , VPNC is a Cisco compatible IPSEC client.

- User vpnc for the connection
- Servername:
- Username: your vpntraffic account
- Password: your vpntraffic Password
- Group-ID: ipsec
- Group Password: ipsec
- Domain:
- Dead Peer detection: activated
- Encryption Method: secure
- NAT Traversal: NAT-T (detect automatically)




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