Moving or Travelling to UAE and Buy cheap vpn?

For last 4 months or more, I have been getting some queries that are exactly the same and the people asking have exactly the same need. So I thought I should better write something on it! As obviously people couldn’t find what they are looking for on Google, so they come on live chat or contact us through email to get this thing resolved.

Ok. The question they ask is, ‘I am moving to Dubai/Abu Dhabi/UAE/Middle East and I have heard the websites and Skype is blocked in that part of the world, so I will need a VPN, but I have never used VPN, I don’t know how it works, can you recommend or suggest me one?

Definitely, I can recommend you something, in fact I will recommend you the best that can help you bypass local internet censorship in UAEand entire Middle East, so that you surf the internet like you were surfing it at home. But there are generally three fours parts of this apparently simple looking query and I have desire to guide my visitors with the best and the most comprehensive solution, that is why most of them are now loyal visitors. Support is the key, I guess.

Anyways, First and foremost, you are right that they are many websites that blocked in UAE and Middle East, which include many social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter (scattered blockage), Skype (completely blocked) and several other famous and regularly visited websites and services. Moreover, US and UK citizens who frequently visit UAE or Middle East for business purposes have to keep up with all the latest shows and episodes of their favorite TV shoes, also require VPN to access websites like Hulu, iPlayer, 4oD and other internet TV streaming websites. They also need it for secure access of the information stored on their centralized servers in UK, US or other parts of the world.

So, for all the above listed reasons they need VPN, but they don’t know actually which one to get, how to get one and how to set up one. Getting VPN is one thing and setting up VPN is another thing for such users. Please do not worry about setting up VPN. I promise it’s very easy. Especially after the launch of Personal VPNs and Dialer Based VPNs, it is very very easy! You just have to order one, they will send you a link to download the software, install it like you do with other software, enter your Username and Password, and you are all set to go!! It’s really that easy and there is nothing geeky in it. I generally recommend Dialer based VPN services to first time users, so that they can install and use it without any problem.


What you need is a VPN account !


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