How to Watch London 2012 Olympics streams on NBC in Bolivia


Watch London Olympics in Bolivia? NBC is only allowed to show Olympic competition video on the internet to users in the United States and U.S. Territories.If you access the site from outside the US you will be meet with the following message “NBC is only allowed to show Olympic competition video on the internet to users in the United States and U.S. Territories.” So how to Watch NBC outside the US

The 2012 Summer Olympic games are scheduled to take place from July 27 – August 12 2012 in London, England. This is the third time that the Olympics have been held in London, and the first time that the Olympics are taking place in the same city three times. Viewers can watch London Olympics online using the various websites that will be showing the event live online. There will be many ways to watch the Olympics this year, including on TV, online, on a cell phone or on an Ipad. For people who plan to watch Olympics online, be sure to know how you will be watch the Summer games, because you don’t want to be searching the internet once the event begins.

The Olympics provide sport's ultimate kaleidescope, and coming this summer, NBC will be your exclusive source for COMPREHENSIVE LIVE streaming video coverage of the London Games online and in our mobile/tablet apps. All 32 sports. All 302 events. All live!

When NBC says “every event,” they do mean every canoe race, judo match, and rhythmic gymnastics competition will be streamed live over NBC Olympics Live Extra, and most of those Olympic events will be available on demand afterwards. NBC will stream an average of 291 hours of Olympic coverage daily.

From then on simply reload the NBC websites and log in with you info and the NBC website will now think that you are located in the US and allow you to stream.This also works with the iPad and iPhone app. Simply follow the instructions on how to setup US VPN on the iPad here


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