How to Watch Poland's Streaming Online TV show from outside Poland

Bar is the local season of the reality The Bar in Poland. The show was aired on Polsat (first 5 editions) and TV4 (6th edition). Was, like its precursor, Big Brother, as many supporters as opponents. By the year 2004 held five Polish edition of the program. In the year 2005 completed the next edition - Bar Europa, which proved to be the least popular among all six versions.
"Bar" was to work in one of the apartments in Wroclaw and doing as much as the daily takings. About staying in the program determined both persons involved in the struggle (vote plus-minus), and the audience (by calling a special number or sending SMS ). In the first edition of the Bar was in the basement of a department store Solpol at Świdnicka street, in the next - in the dining pavilion between the bridges on Kepa Mieszczańska (demolished in May 2006).
Maybe you're a citizen of the Poland who's moved abroad and you miss keeping up with your favorite television shows-or maybe you're just an American who is curious what TV in another country is like. 
Whatever the reason, if you've ever tried to go to a streaming TV website such as iPlayer, iTV, Hulu or Netflix and you're in a different country, you're greeted with a message telling you that due to restrictions they can't let you watch anything. Bummer! 
How does it know that? What's happening is that the website looks at your public IP address and uses it to determine your location.  Watch TV on websites which restrict IP's,ou can now watch tv series outside of the Poland.
The solution to this problem is to use what is called a VPN. Using our new Poland VPN server we can help you traveling abroad to watch their favorite TV shows.

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