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A quality USA (American) VPN service permits Internet users to securely connect to a remote server based in the USA and access their favorite USA only streaming and other websites. A USA VPN operates by routing all traffic through its USA based VPN server which encrypts the data and masks the original IP with server generated USA based IP. Apart from accessing geo-restricted websites by individuals, VPN’s are also used by many corporate businesses to create secure connections between their several regional offices. Usually, the information being relayed is encrypted by PPTP or L2TP/IPSec.


How to Watch Netflix, Hulu from Outside USA


For American expats living in countries like UK, Thailand, Spain, Australia etc, the only way to access USA is via Internet. One would assume that websites like Netflix, Hulu etc can easily be accessed from outside USA and at the same time favorite shows can be watched online. But as soon as they try to connect to Netflix, Hulu from a location outside USA territory, these websites detects the user location through its IP and denies them the access to the Netflix, Hulu etc. Definitely, not the way they thought.

Now you will be thinking what is the solution to this?? Although you might find some alternatives to this issue, yet the most reliable and secure way to access Netflix, Hulu from outside USA is through a USA (American) VPN account. No matter where you are located, be it UK, Thailand, Spain, Australia or even the Caribbean, you will appear to the these streaming websites as having a legitimate USA IP address and hence these websites will allow you to bypass the imposed restrictions and access your favorite shows.

Access USA only Websites from Anywhere
A USA VPN would allow access to sites in USA which impose a geographical restriction on users. This means that streaming websites such as Netflix, Hulu, ABC, CBS, NBC etc can be easily accessed even if you are located outside of USA. This not only applies to streaming websites but any other website which uses geo-location intelligence to restrict users from accessing their services. 
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