How to setup Blackberry Playbook VPN



You can choose Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN for Blackberry Playbook, Check How to setup Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN on Blackberry Playbook

So what’s required?

-> You need a VPN gateway or internet router that supports VPN.
-> You need to configure individual users and passwords to authenticate playboks onto your network.
-> You need a Blackberry Playbook duh, thats connected via Wifi, Tethered 3G phone or via your BES.

* Use WiFi only before you attempt to VPN, Ensure Internet Tethering Turned off when in Bridged mode with your device.
* If you’re in bridged mode with your BES mobile device and have Internet Tethering On. Use your Bridge Browser application and not establish a VPN. This will also allow you to access internal websites and internet.

Please use the following settings to setup the IPSEC VPN:

  • Go to Settings
  • Security


Add New VPN Profile


Now we need to actually setup the VPN using using the proper settings

vpntraffic have more vpn servers support Blackberry z10. You can Change ip address to USA ip address, UK ip address,etc.

UNITED STATES US  UNITED KINGDOM UK   Germany   Finland  France  Spain  Italy  Russia  Japan  China


USA VPN: ip server , Other server ip will send you when you make order.

  • Server Address: (this is US vpn)
    Gateway Type: Cisco Secure PIX Firewall VPN
    Authentication Type: XAUTH-PSK
    Group Username: ipsec
    Group Password: ipsec
    Hard Token: leave unchecked
    Username: Enter your VPN Username
  • Password: Your VPN Password


Click save and connect You should now be connected to the vpn.


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