Why You Need a VPN in China 


Let’s face it – the reason you are reading this right now is because you are frustrated (and perhaps annoyed) by the unfair internet usage laws in China. The authorities have made it extremely difficult to access websites such as popular international news sites as well as social networking services likes Twitter, Facebook, Skype, YouTube. Of course, the main reasons behind this decision are to suppress ‘harmful’ information about the government being spread to all corners of the globe…and to prevent opposition parties from galvanizing support via popular platforms on the web.

Well, one way of circumventing this problem is to use a VPN in China. Although this technology has been around for a while, it has never been this popular until recently. Once you get access to a virtual private network service, you’ll be able to communicate on Facebook with your family and friends, follow your favorite Twitter personalities, get on Skype and chat with your colleagues back home, sit back and watch streaming movies and even do business online!

However, before you go ahead and get a VPN in China, there’s something important you need to keep in mind – never go for a free proxy/VPN. Here’s why: For starters, due to a massive user base, their servers become incredibly slow and overloaded…and ultimately crash. They are also very easy to track down, which means Chinese authorities have no difficulty whatsoever in blacklisting them. Free VPNs and proxies are also not really user-friendly. You’re forced to deal with annoying pop up ads left and right, and there’s always a risk of your private details being stolen.

That’s why paying for a VPN in China is a much better option – not only will you be able to effortlessly browse through blocked websites, you can do so on a speedy and secure connection. What’s more, no software is needed for installation. Set-up is a quick and easy process and the customer support of the company you selected, is usually on stand by to help walk you through the process. More importantly, if your virtual private network server is banned by a target server, you will always be offered another public IP address by the tech team, so your surfing can continue uninterrupted.

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