Is it safe to use public trackers on your dedi seedbox?

Would you use public trackers with your dedicated seedbox?
First of all, let me say I don't like public trackers. I only use them on the rare occasion where I can't find some torrent after going through my list of private trackers. Despite of having a good amount of them, that should cover all my needs, sometimes I have to take the public route. And only then.
At home, I don't care much about using public trackers, I've done it in the past and never had a problem with it, but now that I have a dedicated seedbox that I installed myself, I'm wondering how safe it is. Are we more exposed by using a seedbox? Are datacenters more targeted than home users by the powers that be?
I noticed that the majority of seedbox providers forbid the use of public trackers, so I started thinking why would that be? At first I thought the reason would be related to security concerns, so they wouldn't have too many complaints regarding copyright infringement practices by their users. But then I also read somewhere around here the problem resides mostly on the data these public trackers generate, data that isn't controlled or taken care properly by the public trackers as opposed to the private ones.



Why VPN in Reunion (FR)?

Reunion (FR) is a big and wonderful country. I truly love the country. But when it comes to accessing foreign websites, like Netflix, Hulu, Twitter and in terms of internet security, Reunion (FR) still has plenty of room for improvement. Luckily, you can take faith in your own hands and get both unrestricted access and security by using a VPN service provider. Internet censorship IS unfortunately a problem in Reunion (FR). The government also like to block file sharing websites. In other words. You will want a VPN if you live in Reunion (FR)!


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Can I watch Netflix in Reunion (FR)?

Absolutely yes! You just need a VPN service provider who offer sufficient transfer speed to stream content from United States. is a good option, and you can get started with a 30-day risk-free money back guarantee. That’s an awesome way to test their service on your own computer. Keep in mind, Netflix also offer a 30-day free trial! So, what are you waiting for? 


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