Buy Hungary VPN with Bitcoin


Over the past few years the word “Bitcoin” has started to appear more in the mainstream and one of the most common questions is are there Hungary VPN providers that accept Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is an open source decentralized digital currency that works through peer-to-peer technology in much the same way that BitTorrent and Skype do. In a similar way to which these technologies irreversibly disrupted the music and telephone industries, Bitcoin is poised to revolutionize banking and finance.



Why pay with Bitcoin?

There are many reasons to choose for paying with this decentralized currency. Some obvious ones are:

Supporting the Bitcoin philosophy

Increased privacy for the buyer

No transaction fees for the seller 

Depending on your location and situation paying with Bitcoin may have other benefits.



All VPN account will conver 60 country servers. 

3 day Trail Account  = 0.005 BTC

1 month Account  = 0.01 BTC

3 months Account  = 0.02 BTC

1 year Account  = 0.075 BTC

Please pay to my Bitcoin, (please mark your email when make payment). then Contact US

Bitcoin : 13d9bHtyS77xG3pLsKdzCQrasZrjASERgL


What you need is a VPN account !


Before you make an order, you can Trial our VPN Service for 3 days.

• Only $1.99

• High Speed
• All country server


$5 Package = 1 Account = VPN servers of US, AU, UK, CA, RU, Italy, Japan, Korea, HK, etc.

You can  switch between our servers at any time (35+ countries vpn server)


1 Month/30 days

• Only $5 

• High Speed
• All country server

3 Months/90 days

• Only $10

• High Speed
• All country server

One Year/365 days

• Only $35

• High Speed
• All country server









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